Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yes! It is that time in south Texas! We've endured months of endless, cold, soaking rain, and IT WAS WORTH IT! This morning I met my friends Nate and Andrea and their sweet two-year-old baby, Issa, to get some Easter portraits in the bluebonnets.


Issa was in a terrific mood and just played. Her mommy made her sweet hair clip. I love it! I hope she'll sell some at Art on the Loop.





What a sweet family!

Bluebonnets don't last long in the Texas heat, so contact us to set up your appointment! And enjoy this lovely spring!!



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jennifer and Alan
March 13, 2010

Jennifer and Alan were married at the gorgeous McNay Art Museum in San Antonio this morning. We could not have asked for a more perfect day!! This event was Cheri's deal, so I was happy to tag along and second shoot.

There are so many great things to photograph on the grounds outside...Cheri and I took our time walking around, enjoying the morning and picking out spots for portraits. Soon, the couple arrived with about 30 family members and friends. A very intimate gathering.

Jennifer made all the flower arrangements, including the men's boutonnieres.


Jennifer has two children, Laurali and Matthias, ages 5 and 7. Two sweeter siblings I have not met! They were great at posing for me.


The sun was getting hot and it was almost time for the ceremony, so we quickly snapped photos of this sweet scene. With all the rain we've gotten, everything was brilliant green.


I love cool ring shots!


We were about done but I wanted to take advantage of the staircase leading down to a maintenance closet under the main fountain. I don't think many people use it for pictures, but to me, it's awesome. This shot was almost missed--she leaned in for a quick smooch and I just grabbed it.


Alan was totally at home in front of the camera! I so enjoyed photographing him.


While Cheri finished with them, I took the bouquet and walked around, looking for a nice spot.


Then we were off to Piatti's! It's a restaurant in the Alamo Quarry marketplace. Very tasty food! I had the grilled salmon.


They had a very small, simple wedding cake topped with this. I loved it.


Congratulations, Jennifer and Alan! We wish you and your family a long and happy life together.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Eden and Hannah King

Kristin and I have tried to do portraits of her girls for weeks--actually months. But something always happens! Somebody gets sick, or the weather turns crap.
Today, we were determined! And yes, after 4 days of gorgeous sunshine and 70 degrees, it turned overcast and cold. But we were undaunted, and the girls behaved beautifully despite shivering a few times in sundresses.

The wind was so bad they didn't even want to hold their balloons. This is about the only shot I got before Kristin accidentally let them fly out of the car while grabbing the next change of clothes.

So we moved to The Blue Shed. I don't know who owns it, but it worked! The girls loved playing in the dead leaves.

Playing Peek-A-Boo...

At first I wished the little bamboo tree wasn't there, but then I realized it was a great companion to the compositions.

You gotta love three-year-olds; they're so candid and uncaring of the camera.

At this point, they were getting really cold. Hannah wouldn't even get on the post, and Eden whined pretty quickly. So I snapped a few and we let them down. Kristin's a great mom, she had lots of treats for them as reward.

Sweet Hannah! You can tell her from Eden by size, but also by her teeny tiny sprinkle under her right eye.

We wrapped it up on these stairs...these girls love each other so much. Kristin told them to give each other a kiss, and they wouldn't stop! They'd kiss and then giggle, kiss and then giggle. It was so cute.

Kristin suggested this last shot. We had a great time and the girls were wonderful. Loaded with sugar, she packed them off to Mamaw's so she could get some studying done.

Have a great weekend!

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