Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ladies' Night!!

Yes, it's been probably a year since my last Ladies' Night, sadly, but Bess wanted to revisit my Glamour Shots party. So we invited about a dozen girls and had Glamour Shots II!

Before everyone arrived, Bess was frantically making snacks, and Sophie was a little underfoot, so I took her out back to get a few photos while we waited for Mommy to finish. She struck this pose all on her own, the ham.

We started doing pictures around 8:00pm. Hannah was ready to go first. Most of the girls were a little camera-shy, initially.

Cheri was there to take my photos. I borrowed one of Bess's dresses.

Stacy had a blast, can you tell? She was the last to be photographed, but probably had some of the best shots.

Laura and Stacy together. Sniff, sniff, Laura and her husband are moving to West Virginia next week! This was sort of a last hurrah for Laura and the girls.

American Eagle ad. Or Old Navy.

Camille, Jenni and Ashley. Three hard-working mamas who definitely needed a night out!

Kristen was doing Camille's makeup.

Sweet Esther! This is totally out of character for her. I don't think I've ever seen her in a skirt. She teaches our yoga class on Saturday mornings and met me and Bess at the finish line of our 5k race two weeks ago. We love Esther!

Janelle was there for GS I, so this is old hat for her. Jake and Lanier kept the kids and Sophie so the big girls could play.

Bess, trying to think of how to pose.

Action shot!

The guys caved in by 10:30...they'd had enough of babysitting. (I think they ran out of diapers and had an emergency.) Anyway, we got this great shot of 'Nelle with the kiddoes.

Best Friends Forever ('til middle school, anyway!)

So there's a brief glimpse of our Ladies' Night. Kudos to all the husbands who stayed home with the kids! We had a blast. Until next time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hannah's News

Yesterday evening Hannah was inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society at her school. There looked to be about 150 - 200 kids being inducted, but it was a pretty special event. Hundreds of parents came and all the kids were dressed up. Hannah told me they made fun of all the boys because they all wore clip on ties. We laughed.I snapped photos like crazy and Hannah kept yelling at me to quit. But here's a shot of her with her good friends Makayla on the left, and Erin on the right. All three of the girls used to live down the street from one another when we were in Guada Coma Estates. Good times!
And here's Hannah with her other good friend, Crystal. All the new members of NJHS received a medal and a certificate. The invitation to be a member was based on grades and community service and general conduct.
Congratulations, Hannah!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Howdy everyone,

Things are pretty busy at work. I just finished a design for WIM Orientation this June; Deon needed a poster to put up in churches across the U.S. Here it is! I'm pretty happy with it. It's 11x17 so we can print it in-house. Now to the next job!

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