Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big 8-0

Tuesday is Grandmother Lee's 80th birthday. I had no idea she was turning 80! I just knew it was her birthday. Aunt Pam fixed a birthday lunch for her on Sunday after church so Hannah and I flew down ASAP to celebrate with the family.

Since the planets have to align in order for me to be at Pam's while Bonnie AND Elizabeth are BOTH there, I made sure to bring my camera. Here are Grandmother's great-grandchildren: Dylan, Zara, Hannah, Marley and Zena.

Even though I was having a terrible hair day, I handed Hannah the camera so I'd have a recent photo of me with my cousins. Bonnie and I are the same age, I think, and Liz is 6 years younger.

Zena is quite the fashion model. She's 7 years old, and always wonders why she doesn't see Hannah more often. Isn't that hilarious. These girls are so sweet, and just plain friendly.

Little Zara was born on Hannah's birthday. She is three!

Marley is the baby, and I'd never met her before. She's almost two. Initially she wanted nothing to do with us, but by the end of our time, she was letting me hold her and play with her. What a cupcake! I wanted to steal her.

Dylan is 4 or 5; I'm not sure. Being a boy, the ONLY boy, he played by himself mostly, quite content to not be in any photos. But he graciously held still for about a nanosecond for this photo.

The rest of these are just images I managed to capture as we rested from all the food and cake and presents. It's so nice to have real family out here in Texas.

Hopefully I'll see these cutie pies again before 2011. Happy Birthday, Grandmother!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally, Some Real Photos

Izzy spent two nights with us while Mommy was in the hospital with baby brother, Josiah. The night I took Izzy home, I lugged my camera along. Josiah was unhappy with bright lights and being taken out of his fuzzy warm blanket, but I HAD to get some "first day home" pictures.

Izzy still wasn't too keen on the little guy, though she was awfully glad to see Mom.

'Siah is suuuch a sweet baby. He's also pretty single-minded. All he thinks about is eating. If thinking is involved at all. More pictures will follow once I get back over there and get all the kids together. I got sick for 5 days, so I've avoided all Small People in an effort to cut off any plagues.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Josiah Eli Todd
7lbs, 12 oz. 21 inches long. Born at 10:33a.m.
He's so beautifullllll!!! He was already looking around when Aunt Rachael got to hold him. He was only one hour old. Hee hee hee! Izzy is doing fine with us. I got her some new boots, and she showed them off to everyone. I took some video; maybe I'll get it on YouTube.

Here's a short flick of me eating baby octopus on Lanier's 28th birthday.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

An Experiment

So, I've made those floral hair thingys out of felt, and people just rave over them. I've made a few for girlfriends (grown ups and small people), and I continue to wear my pair. So then I thought, what about a neck piece? Or necklace. Whatever.

So here's what I've cut out and arranged so far. Nothing is attached; I wanted to brood a couple of days and make sure I really liked it. I suppose I'll begin hot gluing and stitching sooner or later. This weekend is pretty dern full, and this week hasn't been too slow either.

Canyon's Homecoming game is tomorrow and I have dutifully bought my ticket. We've won BOTH away games, but have yet to win one at home. Here's hoping for the best!

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