Friday, October 31, 2008

After months and months of working, doodling, groaning and praying (begging), we have a new WIM logo! It was officially voted in by the Board of Directors this past week. Woohoo!!

It'll be a slow change but in a few short months this will replace the current logo which we've had nearly 10 years. Talk about elation.

Well, Happy Halloween! We're having a little get together tonight at our house so I'll try to post some photos over the weekend. Tomorrow I hope to watch the GA-FL game at my inlaws' (go DAWGS!) and then I'm off to a bridal shower tomorrow night.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

This Fall

Howdy, all. Cool weather is finally here, hallelujah. I had a quick photo session with my friend, Diana, last week! Here are a few pix from her shoot:

Diana and I traveled in China together back in 2005. She's a great friend and really easy to photograph despite her extreme dislike for being in front of a camera.

Below is the last painting I've completed recently. It was taken from a photo I got of my little 3-year-old cousin, Ruthie, while we vacationed in St. Augustine last July. I learned a lot from this painting and I think it's pretty successful, though I don't love it. It's too pastel for my taste. I usually use extremely vivid colors and lots of contrast. This is a huge departure for me!

Anyway, plans are coming along smoothly for Art on the Loop ( or We've got at least four musicians and bands commited to playing and seven artists. What's so cool is that the art ranges from painting to photography, jewelry, printmaking and textiles! I can't wait! November 21 seems so far away....

In other art news, I should start the next mural for our church, River City Vineyard, soon. I've got material to do sketches from and once that's approved, it's just a matter of getting into the building and getting it done! I'm sure it'll take more than two days like the first one did. :)

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Halloween. --R

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Exciting news! This week I met with Mikie and Mona from NPC to plan a community art venue called "Art on the Loop." It's going to be open to the public, no cover charge, and give folks a chance to exhibit their art, music and drink free coffee! We're so pumped!

My contribution so far has been to make this poster. We'll print and distribute Nov. 1 to promote the event. We really hope that this is the first of many, maybe even becoming a New Braunfels First Friday. It's a dream come true!

I also have another painting on view at Starbucks. It's the abstract one I'd been working on. It's finished. I do not have a photo of the completed work but will get one in the near future. My painting of Ruthie is also finished. Photo to follow.

The weather's turning a little cooler so at least we get a break in the evenings and mornings. It's still pretty hot in the middle of the day. Hannah told me they decorated pumpkins yesterday at school for something. Natl. Jr. Honor Society, I think.

Hope life is good with you, wherever you are, Reader!

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