Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Howdy all! We took a lazy Saturday afternoon before Christmas (IS there such a thing?!) to make homemade ornaments out of playdough (flour, salt and water) and any kind of crafty stuff we could find. Natalie, Hannah, Sophie, Bess and I played for about 3 hours.
Here's Sophie posing for the camera.
Hannah and Natalie hard at work.
Bess made the cutest ornament for Jake! It looks just like him! Awww....
Here are a few close ups while they were drying outside. We sprayed 'em down with acrylic sealant and then repainted some with Mod Podge to make sure those beads didn't roll off. The blue and yellow angel is mine! :)
Some of Hannah's....
More of Hannah's....
And more of Hannah's! Hers were really nice and varied. She gave the musical one to Mary Nell.

I LOVE this star made with tissue paper. Natalie did it.
And here are Natalie and Hannah getting some love after we're done! Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey all,
Hope everyone's having a nice, peaceful Christmas. It's COLD here! It even snowed one a week or so ago (didn't stick or anything). Just wanted to let folks know I've got all but $200 of my plane fare for my trip in April. Woohoo!! Only $2500 or so to go for the entire shebang.

This is a photo of Chuck and Mary Nell with me and Lanier at Chuck's 60th birthday party. Mary Nell threw him a surprise party; it was the first surprise party he'd ever had, he said. Anyway, it was very attended and we had a great time.

I discovered a cool magazine last night at Borders called "JPG." It's obviously a photo magazine and I registered as a photographer this morning. You can upload photos and if they print one they'll give you $100 a free subscription to the magazine. I can do that! I posted 6 from my trip to Cd. Valles, Mexico and hope that I get enough votes to have one printed in the next issue. Go vote for me!

Have a Merry Christmas and stay warm!

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