Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It finally rained yesterday. I was writing a letter to Granny and Poppa Roughen when Hannah said, "Mom! Come look outside." She saw the storm rolling in.

I grabbed the camera and we raced up Pieper Road, pulling off into a corn field. I lay amongst the stubble to capture these few of Hannah, and succeeded in getting a large black bug up my pants. Gross! It was very traumatic. We both screamed when I pulled up my pant leg and discovered it crawling on my thigh. Gotta suffer for art, I guess.

Krissy, I was trying to mimic one of those photographers who'd shot a storm rolling into the SC beach where she was on vacation with her fam; perhaps it was Jessica Claire. I think it was.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

HEY!! Monday, August 21st I, Hannah Cowart, attended Canyon Middle School for the VERY first time!

In the beginning I was deathly afraid of everything. In my mind questions were running through my head just waiting to be answered. "How will I find my classes in this huge school? What if my teachers don't like me? How can I possibly do the mountains of homework that they'll assign me? (gasp wildly) What if I can't find anyone to sit with at lunch?! Ahhhhh!!!!!" But I didn't have anything to worry about. I sat with my friends at lunch, loved my teachers, and didn't get any homework at the end of the day.

The second day was a little tougher. I had left my schedule at home so now I couldn't find my way around as easily (yesterday being an A day with 2 classes, today being a B day with 2 other classes).

But in the last class (5th period; Choir) Mr. Vader ("vah-der") didn't have me on the list, so I ran all the way from the Band hall to the Counselor's office (a LONG ways away) so that I could see if I was on the Choir list. I was, so I continued in that class.

Middle School is a new and exciting adventure just waiting for me to discover it. And I feel great about this year. GO 6TH GRADE!!!!




Friday, August 18, 2006

The two photos above are from our trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico, this past July.

This summer's mission trips were very atypical for me: in both cases, I received word of good things which happened after we left. Usually you only hope that good resulted and trust you'll hear about it in Heaven one day.

This week we have friends from the U.K. visiting, itineration for Elam Ministries (, an organization dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Persian-speaking people (translation: Iranians) and training them to become leaders in the Church. I've posted their website on the right-hand bar.

Tom and Mojdeh were delighted to report of the positive changes they've seen in a girl we befriended in Istanbul. She isn't a Christian yet, but I have no doubt she will be. I received an email from our friend who teaches Bible students in Turkey today. As always, he is enthusiastic, and asked "for wisdom & Revelation & Knowledge of God speaking & Preaching & pastoring & Leading in Power & Authority Faith & Love & Hope, Destroyed satanic plans & purposes, Establish all plans of God in my life & Ministry for Glory of God..."

I tried to leave it exactly as he wrote. Obviously he's not hesitant to ask God for much! I love it. I try to be like that, too. So much is happening in Turkey and Iran!! It's amazing. We at WIM all sat and watched video footage of Iranian Christians witnessing to people on the streets in Turkey; we saw students at their Bible School in the U.K. cheering and crying as a huge semi-truck delivered thousands of newly-printed New Testaments in Persian. When the lights came on, I saw everyone was crying, including myself.

This image was taken in an Iranian church, back in June. My trips to Turkey and China have impacted me more than any others, I think because Christians are so persecuted for their faith. They are so desperate for God's Word and will do anything to follow Him. That idea of passionate pursuit is so utterly foreign here in the States. It's like we have too much freedom, so we don't cherish what we are free to have and Who we are free to worship.

What does it take to show Americans their total and unavoidable need for Christ? What does it take for them to realize how much He loves them, and how much He satisfies that gaping hole of need in each of us? I've told Hannah before, "We have God-sized holes in us that only God can fill." New clothes, action-packed movies, a good book, friends and spouses can't fill it.

It's been a good summer. A fruitful summer. Several key people we reached out to with the Gospel in Cuernavaca accepted Christ after we left. The neighborhoods where we painted a mural over graffiti and held a huge block party (complete with pinatas) have changed dramatically. Isn't it amazing? Isn't it delightful? I can't wait to go again!

Mostly, I want to know how to make a difference like that here.

From Hannah:

Hello everyone! These past few weeks, I have been taking a scuba diving course, and Thursday I took my final exam. I passed with an 86!

This year I will be starting middle school. I think that might be kind of scary, but I'm okay with it. It's a new adventure that I am to take part in; and I'm ready for anything! I have been brushing up on my math skills and English comes second nature.

I've been looking in to buy a pet corn snake b/c I think they're so interesting! People might think that they're scary, but I think they're cool. I have found out some pretty amazing facts. Check it out! Corn snakes eat birds, small mammals, and lizards, can grow up to 1 meter, AND the females can lay up to 30 eggs! WOW!

One of the reasons that I read up on snakes, is because I'm a missionary, and I don't want to come face-to-face with a venomous snake and not know what to do. I love being a missionary. Traveling around the world is something other kids don't usually get to do; and I am so blessed to be able to do what I do.

This is Hannah Cowart signing out with the words,


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Greetings from south Texas! This is the first entry to our new blog site. Why go to the trouble to create this? Well, it came from a query of a friend back in Georgia who was interested in keeping up with us and what's happening. I got to thinking: in this day and age, my generation and definitely my daughter's generation rely more on e-communication and blogging than anything else. So, why not?

I asked Hannah what she thought. She considered, then said, "Yeah, that would be cool."

Thus Rachael and Hannah's blogsite was born. Our intent is to keep it updated regularly with photos, stories and prayer requests as well as pertinent schedules so you, our readers, can check up in-between newsletters. We realize not everyone is into "blogging," but for those who are, we sincerely hope you enjoy our site.

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