Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It finally rained yesterday. I was writing a letter to Granny and Poppa Roughen when Hannah said, "Mom! Come look outside." She saw the storm rolling in.

I grabbed the camera and we raced up Pieper Road, pulling off into a corn field. I lay amongst the stubble to capture these few of Hannah, and succeeded in getting a large black bug up my pants. Gross! It was very traumatic. We both screamed when I pulled up my pant leg and discovered it crawling on my thigh. Gotta suffer for art, I guess.

Krissy, I was trying to mimic one of those photographers who'd shot a storm rolling into the SC beach where she was on vacation with her fam; perhaps it was Jessica Claire. I think it was.

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Krissy said...

t'was JC, yes. She used heavy editing and vingnetting to dramatize. Or maybe not so heavy.

Sorry about the bug. It sounded horrific.

Wish I had my own little model.

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