Friday, October 22, 2010

Stuff I Made Today

I have a friend, Gina, who lives down the road from me in my sister neighborhood. She loves to craft! She has a whole ROOM devoted to crafting (no kids). I went over this afternoon to hang out and craft with her for the first time.

As a first timer, I had to decorate a pair of glasses. She does this for every newbie. I was a little stumped at first, and then decided to treat them as just an object, and not something one puts on one's face in order to see. I think I did pretty well.

Stuff I Made-2885

Then I made a felt collar necklace similar to ones I've been doing on my own. This turned out lovely. Gina really liked it, and I gave it to Hannah.

Stuff I Made-2881

Stuff I Made-2882

Note the detail of the lace I used for the tie. I really liked it! Gina had so much stuff from which to choose.

Stuff I Made-2883

Well I've got to jet--it's Homecoming for Canyon High, which means Hannah has a big football game tonight. I'm photographing friends Chris and Kelli for their Official Engagement Portraits and then running to the game. I pray it doesn't rain. It did this morning, which was great, but not so good for pictures.

Go, Cougars!!

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