Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday afternoon, my friends Zach and Cheri Walters wanted to hang out. The only thing I really wanted to do was practice taking pictures, and they happily volunteered to be shot!
So, you see our progression of work, taken in downtown New Braunfels. Above, on the sidewalk in the town circle (or square, but it really is a circle).
There are several huge murals painted on the sides of building, all illustrating New Braunfels' German heritage. Since Cheri spent 2 years in Germany as a missionary, I thought it a very fitting environment.

I really liked the concrete ground. Is that weird?
We discovered an alleyway filled with antique shops and restaurants. This was the coolest mural, and I couldn't resist shooting Zach with the Sausage Man. Kinda creepy, huh? Zach totally got into character.

Cheri has the most amazing cheekbone structure in the world. She says her whole family (on her mom's side) is that way. Canadians, eh?

Here I practiced using my flash in bright sunlight to make the subject's eyes "pop," or rather, get rid of the dark shadows caused by the brows. It worked!! I didn't have my external flash, just the camera's normal pop-up flash. But I reduced the flash's power by -2 stops. And I thought Zach's skinny legs in the background were amusing.
The landscaping around this place was incredible!
Zach's a total faker. Such a poser.
Hannah camped out in a cozy spot while we worked.

Love the red door! And the comedian being photographed.
A pirate's life for me.
By then we were dying from the heat. So, off to Starbucks! These are random shots taken by Hannah, or, if I'm in the image, taken by Zach. Do try the Banana Coconut Frappaccino. It's delicious.

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krissy said...

Yes! Very good exposure. not too light or too dark. I'll bet you can do more with the photo in post work because of that -- if you wanted. I can't even detect the fill-flash.

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