Monday, September 25, 2006

Good morning.

I don't have any photos to post this time, sorry, but I will by next week! The biggest news right now is that I am emailing and blogging from my new MAC computer, recently purchased by WIM for the Media Department!! Woohoo! I'm not thrown by the different keys and mouse so far; right now I'm installing Final Cut and taking the opportunity to blog while it's loading.

Now I have the capability of loading video footage straight from my camera (WIM's camera) to the computer insead of waiting for someone else w/ the needed hardware to find time to do it for me.

I've had a lot of people (here in Texas) ask, "When's your next trip?" Well, I don't know. I don't have any more this year, except going home for Christmas. 2007 is a complete blank canvas for me. I don't know what it holds at all. My daily activities at WIM have increased to being secretary for our org's president, which is interesting work. Also, I've attempted to educate our members on the useful, free tool of blogging. So far I've had one convert. Hallelujah! I'm designing a brochure for our upcoming conference in Mexico (November) and as always, designing and sending out newsletters as they come in.

I saw an amazing thing the other night: Saturday, we had a massive front blow in. Hannah and I had to run to the store for a couple of ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and I was trying to get home before the sky burst open. The clouds were boiling masses of dark, bruised indigo, with the occasional smothered glow of heat lightening, steadily advancing toward our neighborhood. I was delighted. I greatly anticipated sitting with Hannah on the couch, curled up with freshly-baked cookies and a book, reading aloud to her until bedtime, and then sleeping safely in my bed, listening to the deluge outside.

Janelle stopped by to drop off some things and we stood in the driveway, watching the sky. It was amazing! It was almost so dark you couldn't define the clouds anymore, yet the lightening was so constant that it kept each form delineated. Mostly it was the wash of heat lightening, a general illumination, but then it began to get complicated, throwing out fingers of lightening, etching along from cloud to cloud in a slow, gestural sort of way. I was intrigued. It grew more and more intricate, like the gradual finale of Fourth of July fireworks, and the entire producation was soundless. Never a hint of thunder.

And it barely rained at all that night. We got up Sunday morning to find it totally overcast and windy, but still hot and humid. Again it threatened rain that evening, but this Monday morning, I arose to find it bright outside, hardly a cloud left, and a chilly 65 degrees.

So, we didn't get the rain, but we did get the cool. Hopefully it will stay. There was no way to photograph that lightshow without having gone out to a corn field, but I sure did enjoy watching it from my driveway.

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