Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here are more pictures I shot on Labor Day. It was pretty overcast and I worried it would rain, but never fear--Texas heat kept it at bay (until today, Tuesday). Everything was shot at 400ISO (as were Zach and Cheri's pix).
Krissy, I burned in the corners, vignetting a la J.C. Gotta love those OC photographers! And I used unsharp mask in PS to make the eyes zing.

Lanier took this one of me.
This photo above and the one below used fill-flash. I think they were either -2 or -1.5

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krissy said...

Good job! creative composition, and good exposure. It's easy to overexpose Lanier's head. Trust me, I know. Lanier's a good subject, but I must say, I really like the picture of you. You know there's a vignetting slider in camera RAW....much easier than burning.

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