Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey all,
Hope everyone's having a nice, peaceful Christmas. It's COLD here! It even snowed one a week or so ago (didn't stick or anything). Just wanted to let folks know I've got all but $200 of my plane fare for my trip in April. Woohoo!! Only $2500 or so to go for the entire shebang.

This is a photo of Chuck and Mary Nell with me and Lanier at Chuck's 60th birthday party. Mary Nell threw him a surprise party; it was the first surprise party he'd ever had, he said. Anyway, it was very attended and we had a great time.

I discovered a cool magazine last night at Borders called "JPG." It's obviously a photo magazine and I registered as a photographer this morning. You can upload photos and if they print one they'll give you $100 a free subscription to the magazine. I can do that! I posted 6 from my trip to Cd. Valles, Mexico and hope that I get enough votes to have one printed in the next issue. Go vote for me!

Have a Merry Christmas and stay warm!

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