Friday, October 24, 2008

This Fall

Howdy, all. Cool weather is finally here, hallelujah. I had a quick photo session with my friend, Diana, last week! Here are a few pix from her shoot:

Diana and I traveled in China together back in 2005. She's a great friend and really easy to photograph despite her extreme dislike for being in front of a camera.

Below is the last painting I've completed recently. It was taken from a photo I got of my little 3-year-old cousin, Ruthie, while we vacationed in St. Augustine last July. I learned a lot from this painting and I think it's pretty successful, though I don't love it. It's too pastel for my taste. I usually use extremely vivid colors and lots of contrast. This is a huge departure for me!

Anyway, plans are coming along smoothly for Art on the Loop ( or We've got at least four musicians and bands commited to playing and seven artists. What's so cool is that the art ranges from painting to photography, jewelry, printmaking and textiles! I can't wait! November 21 seems so far away....

In other art news, I should start the next mural for our church, River City Vineyard, soon. I've got material to do sketches from and once that's approved, it's just a matter of getting into the building and getting it done! I'm sure it'll take more than two days like the first one did. :)

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Halloween. --R

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