Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hannah's News

Yesterday evening Hannah was inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society at her school. There looked to be about 150 - 200 kids being inducted, but it was a pretty special event. Hundreds of parents came and all the kids were dressed up. Hannah told me they made fun of all the boys because they all wore clip on ties. We laughed.I snapped photos like crazy and Hannah kept yelling at me to quit. But here's a shot of her with her good friends Makayla on the left, and Erin on the right. All three of the girls used to live down the street from one another when we were in Guada Coma Estates. Good times!
And here's Hannah with her other good friend, Crystal. All the new members of NJHS received a medal and a certificate. The invitation to be a member was based on grades and community service and general conduct.
Congratulations, Hannah!

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