Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Fun

Today was Cheri's baby shower. It was probably the best baby shower I've ever attended, and I was a hostess! Yes! I took lots of photos but Cheri has the memory card presently. Photos to follow at a later date. She got LOTS of stuff!

Later, Hannah and I met Sarah and her son, Noah, at the Bezes' pool for a swim. Noah hadn't been swimming before. He was perplexed by the water at first, but gradually gained confidence and was splashing exuberantly by the time we had to leave. He's two.

It's weird to blog from one's kitchen, but that's exactly what I'm doing at the moment. It's 9:14pm, central time, and Lanier's making tomatillo salsa. I've diced onions and grated cheese. Oh yeah, fajitas. Hannah's in his office, playing computer games. I have a big bouquet of mixed flowers on the counter, courtesy of Mother's Day tomorrow. I picked them out. :)

We're listening to Sufan, dancing a little, cleaning as we go, enjoying a Saturday night together.

I find it important, since a girl I know, Cherie Morris (not my friend whose baby shower was today), died a couple of days ago. She'd fought non-Hodgkins lymphoma for six years. She's got two kids, Rynae, age 6 next week, and Drew, age 2 (3?). She wasn't even as old as I am, I don't think. Anyway, Glenda, our office manager, is her mother-in-law, so it's been a large part of my life, praying for this girl to be healed. She was home, and doing ok, but had a lot of pain the night before she went home to Heaven. In the morning, she went into a coma, and I don't think she woke up.

Tomorrow is a memorial service for her at 4:00. I plan on going. Odd to have a service on Mother's Day, but really, I find it nice. She was a great mom. I prayed for the family this morning in my quiet time.

I know what it's like to lose someone. It really sucks. But you know, nearly eight years later, I am married again, with a lovely 13-year old daughter, dancing in my kitchen, making fajitas, and enjoying life. We only get so long, you know. Today is actually the anniversary of my Big Daddy going to Heaven. He passed seven years ago after a wonderfully full, long life.

This weekend, this Mother's Day weekend, I make it a point to enjoy life to the fullest. I think it honors God, and honors those who have proceeded us in life, who are happily waiting us to join them in Heaven, where we will all dance together again.


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