Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Letter from Hannah

Hey everyone! This may be my last blog on here, seeing as I have my own! To visit it just go to & check it out!

Ok, now what I've been up to this summer. Well, I was supposed to leave on June 13 for Georgia, but my mom put me on the last flight out of Atlanta, without knowing it, & Delta has a policy that doesn't let unaccompanied minors onto the last flight out of any city, in case it gets cancelled. So, we had to wait until the 14th for me to leave. Well, I flew to Atlanta with no problem & Mom had scheduled me a 2 hour layover, so all was fine, until I got to my gate.

Apparently, the pilot & crew were late coming from another flight, so we had to wait. We were originally scheduled to leave at 4:06PM, but the crew still hadn't shown up, so they kept putting off our time of departure. FINALLY, 4 HOURS LATER, we left. So I was on my way to valdosta. Yay!

I arrived in one piece, spent the night at my dad's parents' house & we (me, my Papa, & my cousin, Nicole) left the following morning to get to Crystal River. While at Crystal River, we swam in the pool, kayaked, went on the boat, snorkled in the springs, & I even scuba dived once in the pool. We didn't get to scuba dive in the springs. I wish we had, but there was only one set of gear, plus I couldn't find my PADI license so, no scuba diving. But we had fun anyway!

We stayed at Crystal River for about a week, then went back to my Meema & Papa's house for 1-2 days. I can't remember. Nicole & I spent the night with Aunt Jenny for one night too! She makes the BEST banana pudding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that, we drove to Savannah & stayed with Nicole's parents for one night. We went to my Meema's parents' house & stayed there for the remainder of our time.

We went shopping on one day, crabbing on another day, so we stayed busy. While I was there, my Granny taught me to crochet! I'm getting pretty good! The day we left Granny & Papa's house, Meema dropped me off with my Grandma (my mom's mom). My best friend, Megan, lives next door to my grandparents, plus my great grandmother (my grandma's mom) lives next door too, so i've been keeping busy. :)

My mom will get here Friday morning. We leave for family vacation on Saturday. Finally, after years of asking, Megan is coming with us! Yay!!!!!!!!

We'll stay at St. Augustine for a week, then come back here for a wedding. Remember, check out MY blog ( for a more detailed account of my "adventures with Meema & Papa". :)

I'm sorry that there are no pictures, but there should be on my next blog.

Love, Hannah

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