Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hey everyone it's me again! There is a lot to talk about in my life so I hope you have time to listen.

As you know my braces were a complete success they were accepted at my new school, which I told you about, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, something is happening at school that I think is cool and here's what it is. I, and my friends Janelle Martin, and Sabrina Martinez, are planning a Bible study for my school. I was informed today that we have been approved by the principal and that our dates are in place. I planned it for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our flyer is good too. It clearly sates where to go, what to bring, and when it is. So things are going great on that subject. YAY!!!! :)

Well supposedly I get my bottom braces sometime this month. So pray for me again, b/c I don't like getting braces. They always feel weird and they hurt the first week or so.

Lanier Hall's 25th birthday was a while ago and it was a smashing success. Though the cakes didn't come out as planned, Janelle Balderson saved us by placing one on top of the other (one was thicker but smaller in length and width than the other). We sprayed silly string all over his car and when he blew out the candles, we sprayed him too! My friend Madison Green helped me, but her can went haywire and got all in his ear and it was WET!! GROSS!!!!!! :) But besides all of that, we really enjoyed it.

The weekend of Lanier's party my mom had to go to Tennesee to photograph a friend's wedding. (As you already know.) So that weekend Tamra Becker came to stay with me and Janelle Balderson (a.k.a. the cake saver) did too. That weekend was a LOT of fun. We went to the fair on Friday (there wasn't any school that day), had Lanier's birthday party, went shopping for Tami (Tamra) and more! I was very happy to take a break from my mom, but when she got home, I realized how much I had really missed her.

Well that's all on the subject of my life for now. I'll talk some more another day.

See ya!

Signed, Hannah Cowart

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