Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey folks,

Saturday, we went hiking at Enchanted Rock with Zach and Cheri Walters, and Lanier. I wanted Lanier to see it before he took off for two weeks back East. It rained, which was a little disheartening, but it let off and we enjoyed the day's activities. I am always amazed at the life teeming within the cracks and crevices of that gigantic monolith. Cheri got some amazing photos of plants and stuff with her Canon point-and-shoot camera. If you click on their name, you'll see a slideshow she made of the trip.

This week, I've got a class at church starting Wednesday night, running for 6 weeks. Hannah's Bible study begins Tuesday morning. Her next orthodontist appointment is Thursday. Saturday is the women's ministry coffee get-together at church, where I'll photograph the ladies hanging out and I'm supposed to bring food. And then there's a whole string of photography appointments I've set up with friends in the coming month--two couples with whom I'm friends are getting married. One hired me to do their group shots and reception, the other, I'm doing her bridal portrait.

Hannah turned in her PTO fundraiser this morning: they sold pies for $10-15. She raised $191. Not too shabby. If she'd remembered to take her order form to church Sunday morning, I know she would have cleared $300. But I have to admit, I was a little discouraging to her because, selfishly, I realized I have to deliver all those pies!

We've gotten three solid days of rain. Not hard, driving rain, but soft, soaking, ceaseless rain. It's great! But sleep-inducing. I'm waiting for the cold front to move in; it was 75 degrees at 7:00 this morning. Yuck.

Be blessed! Be a blessing.


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