Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hi, folks! It's been a while.

Our newsletter went out the Monday after Thanksgiving so hopefully you're caught up on what's happening with us. However, this blog IS for bits on info that don't quite make it to press.

These are photos I just took of my friend Julie, the children's director for Tree of Life Church here in New Braunfels. Isn't she gorgeous?

Anyway, Thanksgiving week was horrendously busy (I worked Wednesday til 6:00 that night and came into the office twice over the weekend) and the following week wasn't much better. THIS week we're having a mini-orientation for a young lady joining as an intern to Spain, so I've hosted her at our house for three days.

Hannah got a black eye on Thanksgiving Day: she and Lanier were throwing a baseball, and she didn't catch it properly. Oops. He felt REALLY horrible. She had a nice shiner for a few days and it burst a blood vessel in her eye, which looked terrible, but she's fine. The swelling and bruising is gone around her eye, and the redness on her eye is fading fast.

Her school Science Fair was this past Saturday morning. Hannah did an experiment using common household spiders. Yup! We put four spiders in mason jars and punched holes in the lids to allow air in and fed them fly larvae and live bugs. Fun! She released them into the Great Outdoors after the experiment was over. Her display was really cool: we painted big red spiderwebs on a blue background and hot-glued fake spiders around the information posted.

Tonight is Wassail Fest in New Braunfels. Hannah, a member of her school choir, will be singing at WF this evening downtown. Monday night she sings at Canyon High School. In addition to all that, we've got final exams, WIM Christmas parties, church events and all the normal stuff of life going on before we drive home for Christmas on the 21st.

So! Life is good! We're busy, but not too busy, and making sure we keep things in priority while circumstances do their best to throw us off-balance and (remember?) steal our peace! I hope this Friday night to curl up on my sofa with Hannah and watch "La Vita Es Bella" and drink hot chocolate and RELAX.

Peace to you!


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