Monday, February 26, 2007

Day of Mourning

This is really sad; yesterday evening we came home and found Houdini, dead on the floor of the cage. Izzy must have killed him; he'd been very aggressive over the past two weeks (Izzy, not Houdini). Hannah cried a lot.

We put Houdini in a pretty red box and Hannah tied it with a blue ribbon. We buried him this morning in the back yard next to Hazel (hamster) and Hermy (hermit crab) and an unknown kitten I discovered dead in our back yard once. Gross.

It's a sunny, hot, breezy day, a lovely day, and I hated starting it with a funeral. It's Hannah's Spring Break too, and this is how it began.

Well, in other happier news, it's the 2 weeks before show time for "Cinderella" and that means rehearsal nearly every day. I'm helping create the set, which is fun. I haven't done that since a previous millennium! So I'll be painting tomorrow evening while Hannah rehearses.

Yours, Rachael

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