Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hello to all! Sorry I haven't blogged in forever. I've been busy. I take dance on Wednesdays and I'm in the play Cinderella. I'm a townsperson. I must learn the waltz (I trip over my own feet sometimes. lol) and things like that b/c I'm in the ball scene. I also play one of the girls who meets the prince. I don't have any lines or things like that. (Mom will have photos soon.) The play is coming up, so rehearsals are more and more frequent. This isn't a school play (in case you're wondering), no, it's a community play which I had to try out for. So I'm happy to be in it. GO TOWNSPEOPLE WITHOUT LINES!

School is fine. In science we have a class pet (it's a hamster) and I get to keep her over Spring Break (which I'm on right now, despite it being February) for free (usually you have to pay 70 dollars of the paper money they give you for "being good" and so on.

It's February and thoughts of swimming and days spent on boats are already creeping into my mind. We recently found out that some day this week (maybe today) the high is in the 80's. And it's February! My mom thinks the warm weather is here to stay. YAY WARM WEATHER!!!!!

And now for the sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad... sad, sad, sad, sad news. My birds were fighting, and I came home to see Houdini (my green bird who happens to be my favorite) laying stiff w/ her feet curled up on the bottom of the cage. I wept long and hard, and the next morning we buried her in a red rectangular box tied w/ a blue ribbon w/ orange and white flower print on it. Poor, poor Houdini. (Yes, Izzy killed her.)

Now for some happier news: my friend and I went down to where we climb trees, and found a rope hanging on the fence. We used the rope to make a swing with loopholes in it so we could also climb the tree with ease. The rest of the rope was used to make a swing in another tree. We're having a lot of fun hanging out!

This concludes my life for the past couple of weeks. TTYL, Hannah

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