Monday, March 05, 2007

Howdy, y'all! The weather here has been so wonderful! Hannah had spring break all last week so I took Thursday off. We, along with Grace and Madison (little next door neighbor) went hiking at Enchanted Rock! It was a blast.

Yesterday (Sunday), I had a free afternoon while Hannah was at rehearsal for "Cinderella." My good friend Cheri just bought the Canon 20D and was anxious to try it out. I grabbed my 10D and the three of us (Lanier included) went to a sort-of run down area of New Braunfels near the Guadalupe River to shoot pictures. The buildings are really interesting and great for portraits! We had 2 cameras between the three of us so I'll try and keep photo credits straight. The photo above of me was taken by Lanier.

He also caught this one of me and Cheri, checking out a pic she had just taken.

This one of Cheri is mine. I overexposed it slightly to blow out the white wall behind her and jazzed the saturation in Photoshop.

Lanier took this one of us in front of the whole warehouse. Cool place, huh?!
This one's mine!

Cheri captured this one with her 20D. I like it a lot! Her camera lets her shoot in B/W. Mine can't do that. :(

But this cool one is mine. Lanier said it's really hard, to be so beautiful all the time. ;)

And I got this one, too.

I'll post photos from Enchanted Rock in a day or two; I've run out of time! Hannah's play "Cinderella" opens this weekend and runs 6 shows: Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees. They've got rehearsal nearly every day now and I've been helping with the set! I got to paint Cinderella's carriage! It's so much fun!

Have a blessed day,

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