Friday, March 09, 2007

"Cinderella" opens this Friday night at the Brauntex Theatre! Hannah and all the other children have been working HARD in rehearsals. These are a few photos I snapped during dress rehearsal this past week. I got to paint the pumpkin coach!! Isn't it loverly? I didn't do the "wheels" though, my new friend Julie did them.
Here's Hannah with the Sweetest Lil' Pumpkin you'll ever meet! Her name is Summer, and she is 3 years old.
Cinderella at the far right, with the Fairy Godmother, after she's spun her magic.
Hannah, a beautiful Townsperson, greeting Prince Charming and the King during the ball scene.
Expressing indignation over the ugly Stepsisters fighting for the Prince's attention.
Everyone freezes in place while the Stepmother and Stepsisters sing a song.
Ball scene: dancing the waltz for the Midnight Minuet.

More photos to come! Say a prayer for tonight's opening show! Hannah got on her bottom braces yesterday (Thursday) and is in a lot of pain. "Cinderella" runs this weekend and next weekend, too.

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