Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hi! You're probably wondering what on earth the photo with the acrobats is for. Well, I've spent all day--and I mean ALL day--uploading photos to Photo Mission, an organization of photographers of whom I am a member. They're requesting photos of China for a particular project which deadlines April 1. Whew! I just made it. Anyway, these are two images from the hundreds and hundreds I took when I was there in October of 2005.

I really hope I get a few photos selected for the project; it pays $25 per image. I uploaded 40.
This is the Mekong River. A might sight to behold! Man. Talk about feeling like a hobbit!! We sure did.

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since we went to China. That trip changed my life. Last year's trip to Turkey was very similar. How? I've never felt as close to God as I did on those trips. My ability to hear from Him and pray His words over situations, situations involving people I'd only just met, was incredible! So one can imagine the level of anticipation I have for returning to Turkey this June. I've got almost $800 for my plane ticket; the whole $1700 is due May 1. My car needed a few minor repairs this week so I had the fun of taking care of that, but really I was unconcerned. Ah, the tremendous peace that comes from having a mechanic you can trust!! God bless you, Gary Becker.

We were supposed to go camping this week but sadly, it's raining. Yup, still raining! Oh and I found a huge field of bluebonnets!! I can't wait to go photograph it! Remember when I said all that yuck and ice and rain in January would be worth it? Well I was right. :) Look later for photos!

Have a great day! --Rachael

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