Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Greetings, Reader!

We're getting ready to leave for Georgia tomorrow and I wanted to post some pix I'd taken recently beforehand. Above you see Hannah with Izzy, our remaining parakeet. He's calmed down quite a bit since Houdini's sad demise and our subsequent sole companionship. I bought Izzy a mirror, and the little guy sure does love chirping and poking at his own image. He's much better about sitting on our fingers now, though he does seem to prefer his cage to anywhere else. We finally had to leave the ceiling fan on at all times in order to dissuade him from perching up there permanently.
On the way to community group a couple of weeks ago, I was zooming along the country road, and suddenly saw this field. I yelled and Hannah thought I'd hit a deer. Nope, I was just overwhelmed by beauty!!
The sun was sinking fast as I clicked away to get these shots, which of course, don't do the real thing justice. You'd just have to see it yourself. THIS is what I meant by all the rain and ice in January being worth it! THIS is the result!!
Bluebonnets are the state flower, and Hannah informed me it's illegal to pick them. What's curious to me is that deer don't eat them. Wonder why?

Lastly, this is a small pond by someone's house, also on the way to where our community group meets. This is in the beginning of Hill Country, going west toward Boerne and Blanco, Texas. There happened to be a crane by the pond, just for the photographic opportunity, I suppose. I admire this sight every Wednesday as I drive by it. Very tranquil.

Happy Easter, every one!

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