Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This week Chuck and Mary Nell have all of their children and grandchildren with them (minus Hannah) for a week's vacation. Since Hannah is in Florida with her Meema and Papa, I promised to take pictures and send them to her. So Hannah, here's what we did yesterday!

We went around 6:30pm to Cypress Bend Park, where Sophie had her third birthday party, to grill out and swim in the Guadalupe River. It was blazing hot, even at 6:30. Mary Nell said her thermometer outside registered 111 degrees!

Above is little Katherine Rose, Ben and Krissy's 2 and 1/2 month old daughter. They live in California. Below is Sophie, Josiah and Eve, heading for the water.

Katherine sitting in her Aunt Jessica's lap.

Eve, complaining because Sophie pushed her.
A very serene Jade, hanging out on the swing. Jade lives in Colorado and she's sad that Hannah isn't here.

Sara, finally awake from her nap in the car, walking with her daddy, Ben. Sara will be two in late September.

About 30 minutes before I had to leave for a photo shoot, Lanier and Jonathan fire up the grill.

Here's Sara, asleep while everyone's swimming.

Grandma tried to blow up a float meant to hold 20 people. Esther showed up later with an air compressor.

Here's Jason, Esther's husband, and their adorable one-year-old baby, Evelyn. Hannah LOVES Evelyn. They go to our church.

Krissy with baby Katherine.

Sophie and Josiah having fun.

Ben swinging out over the water.

The boys were pretty enthusiastic about getting the rope swings going.


Sorry these pictures are in backward chronological order....that's how this site loads photos. Very irritating.

Lisa and Krissy.

Uncle Lanier helping the small ones into the water.

Tiny Allie, age two, squawking at me happily. I don't know whose shoes those are.

Best friends!
Sophie, Jade and Eve.

So, that's pretty much what I got yesterday. Today we're going tubing down the Comal and I really wish I could photo the faces of these kids while they go through the tube chute. It'd be priceless!
Check back later for more pictures of the Hall Family Reunion.

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