Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super Aunt!

Howdy folks! Yesterday I took Hannah and my three-year-old niece, Sophia, to Aunt Pam's house in south San Antonio (where all the billboards are in Spanish). We spent the whole day with Pam and her two granddaughters, Zena, age 6 (as of Thursday) and Zara, age 2. Sophie had a great time!

She wasn't too interested in petting Lovebug, Aunt Pam's one-month-old filly, but she enjoyed looking at her. She asked what was Lovebug's mama's name and we answered, "Prita," and then she asked, "What's her daddy's name?" and we were stumped.

How do you tell a three-year-old that horses are bred, not married? Hmm....

I'd promised the girls that they would get to swim. Zena and Zara, my cousins, knew we were coming, but Sophie was a surprise to them. They thoroughly enjoyed playing with a new friend! Aunt Pam filled an old horse trough for them to splash around in. It was was pretty nice for such a hot day.

Here's little Zara, getting into the water. Brrrr!!

Sophie was ready. Goggles on!

She promptly took them off and Zena asked to borrow them.
It was a great day of visiting and eating fried chicken and pecan pie (gasp!) yes Mom, I totally forsook the Eat Clean Diet yesterday. And it was GOOD!
We stayed until almost 7:00pm and Sophie, totally worn out, slept all the way home. It was a great day.

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