Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

It seems easiest to write on Mondays about what we did on the weekend.
So, above, you see Hannah sportin' her new haircut! She'd been pining to get it "whacked off" and I waited until I felt she really did want to go through with it. Her hair was so lovely and long...oh well! Corrie did a great job.

Below are portraits I took of Jeremy and Jennifer Wilson's four kids (in birth order) Calvin, Samantha, Margaret and Charlotte.

Sweet Sammie, always eager to pose for a pretty photo.

Calvin, exactly as he is in real life. I love the half smirk, half smile. But truly he was very gracious during the whole shoot.

All four! These were the best behaved children I've ever photographed. The planets had aligned!

But of course, I got some good candids as well.

Sammie loves holding her new sister, Charlotte.

Having just had breakfast, Charlotte didn't mind being posed on a fluffy pink blanket.

Well, not too much.

Margaret stole the show! I took more pictures of her than anyone else! What a ham!

The bigger kids were making faces at her, and she answered right back.

We had a pretty nice weekend, not nearly as stressed as others have been. Allie and Carson were married on Saturday evening and after it had POURED rain all day Friday, I was relieved to see the sun come out in time for good wedding pictures. It was a sweet ceremony and I don't think I've ever seen a happier-looking man than Carson Baker.

I'm getting the yard under control after a couple of weekends of heavy rain. No grass, but the weeds are thriving. I discovered that those pink flowers which bloom wild are a treat for hummingbirds, so I made sure to mow around them. My strawberry plants are doing well but my experiment with planting seeds to grow our own food was pretty much a flop. I've got one pathetic cilantro plant that looks like it'll make it and one lettuce, but that's all.

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