Friday, December 25, 2009

Unto Us A Child Is Born

We're at Mom and Dad's for Christmas: Jenna arrives in Tallahassee at 5pm, and Clark comes w/ Anita and Eva on the 27th. This is a small gathering today. Aunt Evelyn's here, so there were 6 of us for Christmas dinner.

We started off the morning with the traditional reading of The Christmas Story from Luke chapter 2. Hannah read, and did a great job.

Then we opened gifts! Ha ha ha, we weren't supposed to do gifts this year, but we did. Everyone was happy.

This is a gorgeous card Evelyn made and I just had to include a photo of it.

Then, we got down to business! I made omelets and Dad cooked bacon for breakfast.

Here's the oregano from Mom's garden and chopped tomatoes.

It was as delicious as it looks. Yum!!

Mom made cranberry relish for the meat.

Dad worked on infusing the turkey with some Cajun sauce he bought.
More pictures to follow later! We're off to the Cowarts to celebrate with them.
Merry Christmas!

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