Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hi again! These are our new neighbors! This spring, we have a beautiful brown dove living in our petunia basket on the front porch. I tried to swish her away from my flowers so I could water the plant, and lo! I discovered two tiny eggs! We have been carefully watering their "house" and watching to see what happens!
This morning the petunias were particularly droopy, so I gingerly lowered the basket, to find these!! We have babies!!
Aren't they the ugliest little things you've ever seen? I think they're so cute! They are sleeping head to tail (or head to butt right now, they don't really have tails). I can't wait to show Max!
A week ago there was a TERRIBLE storm...you may have seen news of it on the TV. A tornado touched down near the TX/Mexico border, 180 south west of our town. That night, I lay awake for a little while, listening to the rain and watching the lightening, and I prayed for our little eggs and the mama swinging in the basket outside. I'm so glad they were protected.

God even cares about the smallest of His creatures.

Be blessed! Feel His love and His care! He cares for you. Love, R

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