Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hannah's 14th Birthday

Greetings, all! If you're on Facebook then you've probably already seen these photos, but I'm just trying to make them available to everyone. Mainly my mother. ;)

Hannah had a "low key" birthday party compared to most years....we'd bought her a new bed because she desperately needed one, so that pretty much nixed any budget for a party. We ended up inviting kids over to the house for pizza, pinata and cake. They had a great time!

Below, you see Hannah's personal mini-cake which she requested. I had the bright idea of using fresh flowers instead of candy, etc. I think it turned out nicely. And the day gave me a chance to use my new lens, a Canon 28mm 2.8! I really like it!

Oh I forgot to mention--it was a "superhero" themed party. Everyone had to dress up as an unknown superhero. Hannah was "Super Smurf" though she never donned a mask or cape. I was "Hershey Girl," and I think my costume was very successful. How can one be a superhero without a mask or cape?!

Even Sophie got into it; her identity was "Baby Bean," the sidekick to Bess's "Starbucks Girl." Those coffee cups really come in handy.

Hannah wore her crown all day long and even received a compliment from a boy in Wal Mart while we were out grabbing last-minute items for the party. She felt very special and loved from all the text messages, phone calls and cards in the mail. Thanks, everyone, for making her day so great!

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