Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Happy New Year, everyone! We had a surprise treat! Mom and Dad drove from GA to TX for a VERY brief visit. They were bringing Grandmother Lee to Aunt Pam for an extended visit. We had one glorious day with them, a very nice way to start off 2009. Here are a few photos from our evening at our favorite Mexican place....
Above, you see Lanier with Dad and Chuck, and below is a photo Mom took of us.
I took this one of me and Hannah.

I've got $1900 toward my trip in April with another $1600 to go! I had a garage sale last Saturday to 1) raise money for my trip and 2) get rid of a bunch of JUNK. I made $100 and decided Hannah should get $20 to go toward HER trip to Mexico during spring break. She only needs about $400 total and they'll do a lot of fundraising but she's got a good head start.

Hannah's 14th birthday is on the 24th and her braces come off two days later. She's so stoked about it. Bess cut and highlighted her hair this past weekend so I really need to take some photos; it looks gorgeous! Hannah has fabulous hair. And now she looks older (sigh........)

New Year's resolutions? I have never made resolutions before, but, if I were to make one, it would be to write in my journal more regularly. So far I've done 3 days, not bad. And I am definitely trying to get back into the habit of regular exercise (meaning, power walking and stretching). I'd totally quit exercising of all kinds and my body shows it. Jiggle everywhere. Gross. And I'm reading "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers, a daily devotion. Haven't read that in a couple of years.

So that's what's happening in our neck of the woods. We'll put out a newsletter this week.
Cheers! RLH


Anonymous said...

suka la blog hg :D..nie first time aku msuk..trus fall in love ngan blog ni..rerajin la menulis..nt aku bc..ok, take care adios~~~mimie

Jessikita said...

Hey Rachael,
Nic blog! You are so talented! Are you selling your artwork?

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