Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drippy Thursday Morning

Hi all. This morning I was doing my usual patrol of the neighborhood before going to work and decided that I'd come back and photograph some of the plants I'd noticed. They are steadily budding and pushing out blooms. It's raining here today and the whole sky looks to be about 6 feet off the ground. Very dark, dank, depressing. (It's Alliteration Day, I decided, as part of my theme days during Spring Break.)

Check out this cool image! All these pods are busted open and dried up. Yet one new red shoot emerges from the top.

All the plants were covered in dew (it wasn't raining yet) so I did my best to capture the individual raindrops. I love my new lens!

One of my favorite shots, I took this crouched down and looking up underneath the flowers.

Happy Thursday. --Rachael

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Three Walters said...

Sweet pictures! What are the white flowers? I should know, shouldn't I...

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