Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Pretty Stuff!
Hello again! Here are some nifty little felt barrettes I made this week for my niece, Sara. I'd seen some very similar in Claire's, but figured I could make them for a whole lot less money. And, I did. It's a piece of cake! Just cut out felt shapes, stitch together and sew on bobby pins or barrettes, as I did here.
Hannah liked them so much she begged for her own pair. And then I decided I should have a pair, too.
WIM Orientation and Training is going on this week. We have 9 people attending, which is a huge increase from the past! WIM has 3 goals for the next 3 to 5 years: 1. Recruiting new members, 2. Increasing WIM's income and 3. Developing a strong member care program.

WIM exists mostly from the 10% it gets from all members' income. So when membership is down, income is down. When members lose financial support or come off the field, it directly impacts WIM. This makes it difficult for WIM leadership to travel and minister to those on the field, and it makes it hard to do things like keep up equipment in the home office and maintain the grounds (parking lot, building, etc.). WIM thrives when its members thrive!

How are we recruiting new members? This is where my job comes in: our new website, launched this year, attracted three of our current candidates. That's awesome! It's so important to have a clean, attractive, engaging website.

Another way we recruit is by sending representatives to university campuses and conferences. Next month our director of training goes to recruit possible candidates. I've ordered a brand new conference display this week which I worked on with Julie Beader, one of our newest members. I also printed, burned and assembled 50 information packets to be handed out to interested people. I'm doing my best to make WIM look good!

Personal news:
Hannah begins her freshman year in high school next Monday. She's really excited! Her class is about 530 students. Whoa! That's a lot of kids. Our area continues to grow in population. Pray that she can find her way around campus; they are doing a LOT of construction to expand, which makes it tricky for students to navigate.

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