Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cougars v. Hawks

High school football in a small south Texas town. Gotta' love it! Friday night was Canyon High's first game of the season. Hannah has been practicing with Color Guard for three weeks and it was time to see how all her hard work in the Texas sun would pay off.

As Lanier and I sat in the stands, I figured why not photograph the whole event? Honestly in my four years of high school, I only attended TWO of my school's games. We lost both of them. Lowndes didn't exactly have the reputation they do now for winning. That honor belonged to Valdosta High, and Valdosta was nicknamed "Winnersville" because of VHS. But boy our band rocked! And our theatre department went to the state finals every year!! :)

Here you see the boys bursting through the banner, ready to play the Pflugerville Hendrickson Hawks. Below is a photo I took of a rather astonishing sight: both teams knelt on the field for prayer before the game. My gosh, I had a lump in my throat. Maybe there's hope yet.

All warm and fuzzy feelings aside, once the game began the energy of the crowd stayed high. Dad always said high school football was most fun to watch because anything could happen.

At half time, the Hawks led 0 - 17. It was nice to take a break from the game and watch the bands come out to perform. The Hawks' band was nice, but nothing compares to Canyon High!

Finally! Our baby came on the field! Lanier easily picked her out as the prettiest girl on the field.

What stage presence. Thank goodness I have a telephoto lens. We're so proud of her!

Here's a shot of the Aristocats performing their jazz routine. Hannah originally asked to audition for this group, but I had said "no." Lanier was glad I did; he didn't like their uniforms, ha ha ha.

That's a wrap for now, ladies and gentlemen! If you're ever pressed for ideas on what to do for a Friday night in the fall, I suggest attending your local high school football game. It's highly entertaining, and those cheese-covered nachos loaded with jalapenos started looking really good after two week, Canyon Cougars v. New Braunfels Unicorns!!


Mary Nell Hall said...

I totally agree that Hannah was the prettiest girl out there. She smiled a lot, too, and her bra straps did not show. Yea, Hannah! I'm proud of you. Great job. I look forward to seeing it in person soon.

Grandma MN

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