Friday, September 04, 2009

Wurst Bowl: Canyon v. New Braunfels

2 to 69

Well we were humiliated by the Unicorns, but it was good to see so many people come out to support their kids. I made the mistake of showing up 15 minutes before kick off and had to park half a mile away. Sheesh.

The stands were packed with blue and red. It was also a televised game; Fox covered it and you can see it online, too.

Our boys made a valiant effort, but the Unicorns were just too big and bad. Dad, I wish they'd let the clock run like they did at the Lowndes game....

There was a beautiful full moon which hung low in the sky for the first half of the game. I thought this made a neat picture. It was a sweltering 94 degrees most of the night. Unbearable.

NBHS put on their show first during half time. They did a great job!

I had hoped to see Barak running around at the game, but never imagined I'd see him in such dress, or should I say, undress. He and his pals were more than happy to pose for me. Eunice, you better watch this kid! (Oh for those who don't know him, Barak is the one with the "B" painted on his chest.)

Finally my suffering was rewarded by seeing my sweet baby on the field. She did great. I think the Color Guard did much better this week than last. They were almost in perfect unison.

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! And to all those football fans out there, cheers. This is one tired mom signing off until the next home game.

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