Friday, September 25, 2009


It's the annual Fair Day here in New Braunfels, the day ALL the schools close and everybody goes to the parade. Yes, we close to go to the fair. By the way, it RAINED two solid days and now it's been 65 degrees here!!!!! Amazing! Thank GOD for the rain.

Hannah, for the first time ever, was IN the parade. So, I grabbed my camera, parked 2-3 blocks away and hiked down San Antonio St. to find her. The weather was PERECT, less than 70 degrees! No rain today. Hallelujah! Here's Hannah with the Color Guard Team.

I squeezed into a spot on the sidewalk and started clicking away. You just gotta love Texas--it's soooo small town Americana sometimes.

New Braunfels High Band. They're really good, as good as Canyon's.

And what's a parade without a princess?

Or two...

...or three?

I think this was the mayor....heelarious.

These dudes were pretty funny, too.

Evelyn, I photographed this horse just for you. He was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. I thought they had spray-painted him. Or her. I really didn't check.

There were a ton of kids in front of me, and they all ran up on the Chick-Fil-A cow to give him a hug. Precious!

This guy was awesome. Oh gosh. There was a humongous tractor brigade.....tons of dudes on their restored vintage tractors....some were dated from the 1940s!

Dad, I shot this one for you. He even had the horn that blared just like "The General Lee" on "Dukes of Hazard." Ha!

Random cute kid waving a U.S. flag.

There were so many floats that were just too funny. It was probably the most entertaining parade I've ever attended in such a small town. These guys really get into it, which is great fun.

Wurstfest is soon and it's nothing but a celebration of sausage and beer. Hey--we're a German town! We actually sport the oldest bakery in Texas! And Gruene Hall (dance hall) is the oldest dance hall in Texas, too. So there!

Finally, an hour and a half after waiting, CHS arrived on the scene!

The awesome rockin' drum line...

And my baby! Oh gosh! She was on the opposite side of the street! What to do! What to do!

Like lightening, I picked my way through the crowd, leaping nimbly over chairs and toddlers, and darted across the street as the rest of the Color Guard glided by.

There was my baby! Distracted, unsmiling and obviously trying to figure out what she was supposed to be doing. I yelled, "HANNAH!" to which her head jerked in my direction and she smiled for a nanosecond. I did not capture it with my camera.

And then they marched by. Here's a shot of the Aristocats, who I don't think ever stop smiling.

I left as soon as CHS was past, walking about half a mile back to my car. There were STILL DOZENS of floats, cars and tractors (yes, MORE tractors) waiting in the queue, and I was at the BEGINNING of the parade. I wondered: is there any way to have a "green" parade, one that doesn't burn so much gasoline?

Hannah's performing at the fair this afternoon and then going on to the football game tonight. Canyon v. Seguin! It's away, so I'll just hang with my small group tonight at the Wilsons'.

Happy Fair Day, everyone!

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