Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Stephen and Paige came down to visit from the Ft. Worth area with their 2-year-old daughter, Olivia. Paige and I have been good friends ever since we met in Valdosta when I lived with Mom and Dad. Now we live a mere FOUR HOURS from each other instead of 16!!

Lunch on Sunday after church was at The Grist Mill in Gruene. WHY do we sit outside for three hours in south Texas??? I dunno. All the babies were hot and tired, but somehow we made it through. Above is my sweet Sydni, age 5, with Olivia. Below is Izzy, doing what all Texans must do: drinking lots of water. Izzy is two.

Sydni took this hilarious picture of Lanier. I thought she did pretty well.

Giving daddy a smooch.

...Later, after Olivia had had her afternoon nap, Sophie invited her to a wagon ride around the neighborhood. I think they just wanted the ride to commence and the crazy lady with the camera to quit taking their pictures.

Olivia's classic pose.

The festivities continued by the four of us going out on a DOUBLE DATE--when's the last time I've done that? When I snapped this picture, I swear I could see a 32-year-old Jim Shadrick. Ha!

Am I flaring my nostrils? Weird.

Bright and early Monday morning Paige, Olivia and I returned to Gruene for some 2-year-old portraits. It was already sweltering but Olivia was fantastic. I wish this kid lived in my town.

My favorite shot of her peeking through the fence.

Giving Mommy kisses, and we're all done!

Now it's 6:30 pm and they're between Waco and Ft. Worth, creeping along in post-Labor Day traffic. Hannah's at color guard practice and my house is too quiet. :( I'll miss that little one bellowing, "MAYER!" at Lanier across the table at meals, and her cheerful, "Hi, Nana!" to Hannah. She really liked Zoe, the parakeet, and wasn't afraid at all.

Olivia, until next time!

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