Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Bella

Hi, folks! January has been one busy month! I decided my goal for 2010 was to really learn my new Canon 7D camera, amass a body of great portraits, and get a professional website going. What better way to launch that project than to photograph all my friends and their babies? We had NINE babies born in our church this year! That's only out of 50 or so families!

Jason and Alyssa are a gorgeous couple who have a beautiful baby named Bella. An appropriate name indeed! Bella had a nice nap before I came, so she was very happy while I took pictures. It was so cold and rainy that day that I met them at their home. Alyssa is a top notch decorator so it made for a beautiful environment.

The best photos turned out to be in their bedroom. Bella put on quite the show! Bess came along with me so she kept Bella entertained.

I love how Alyssa has the word "sleep" above their bed. She's great at using text as decoration in their home.

Then we shifted to portraits of just Bella. I borrowed props from Marcia Kelly's vintage consignment shop My Sister's Closet on Union Street. Bella loved playing with the pearls!

I love fat babies!!

This shot was Alyssa's idea: she had the word "family" and wondered if we could use it. I thought it was perfect. And Bella certainly enjoyed having something on which to chew.

Thanks, guys!

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Strider said...

Masterfully Done!

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