Sunday, January 03, 2010

Weekend Getaway!!

Ok so I'm a terrible wife: I left my husband to go to Georgia for Christmas. Yes, I abandoned him on our second Christmas as a married couple, and yes--gasp--didn't get home until the day after our second anniversary.
We had a glorious holiday in Georgia, which you should know from reading my previous two blogs (both of which written for Lanier's benefit so he could pretend he was there). But upon my return to Texas, my husband informed me that we were going OUT OF TOWN, JUST THE TWO OF US on a weekend getaway. He asked his dad where we should go (good man!) and Chuck recommended The Haven River Inn which is about 90 minutes away, close to Kerrville and Fredericksburg.

You could have knocked me down with a feather, as Scarlett O'Hara would say (did she say that?).We checked in Friday afternoon. Above is the best shot I could get of our room. Three words: King Size Bed. I had to search for him in the middle of the night! This is high livin'.

We spent Friday night eating Mexican food in Kerrville and writing down our goals for 2010 and beyond. Then we hit the Wing King to catch the 1st quarter of the Gators v. Cincinnati. It looked like a slaughter so we figured we could miss the rest of it and head back to our room.

After waking up very late Saturday morning, we ate breakfast there (very good!) and walked around the grounds. It's a huge house and really nice. I highly recommend it. The rates are great.

It has a humongous wrap around porch.

Then we were off! At this point I must add that we listened to The Decemberists' latest album "The Hazards of Love" three times on our trip. It's a rock-opera, which I'm proud to say I know what that is. Dad educated me back when I was in high school and he forced us to listen to southern classic rock in the mornings. But I digress. Listen to this album! It's awesome.

Cool cross on the hilltop as we wound through the hill country.

We parked near the central park area in Fredericksburg and I wanted to see this whirly thing up close.

Of course we had to take a few cheesy "I was here so I took a picture of myself in front of it" photos. This is my favorite one of Lanier.

A cool antiques store with gorgeous granite-topped tables and shiny things.

We went out back because Lanier had spied tons of slabs of granite which I guess one could select and have made into a table. So we posed in front of different ones. Here's Lanier's stern sexy look.

And my sly look. Thank God for good hair days!!

Down the way there was a dude playing German music on his accordion. He was a neat guy.

I told Lanier my one goal was to find at least one killer bakery and eat something sweet.
We found a great one!

Goodness it all looked amazing. I ate a fresh fruit cheese danish. Mom, wish you were here. ;)

Here's me with my danish.
Next we bowed to Lanier's taste and hit a brewery.

I loved all their posters. I'm a sucker for a good poster.

I liked the big lit up sign behind the bar tender.

We hung out there for a little while and tasted a delicious brew. Ole Miss was playing so we watched a leetle bit.

I gasped when I saw this store, a modern vintage clothing place. I couldn't afford anything in it, but man was it lovely touching all the pretty soft things they had for sale....Anthropologie on steroids, yow!

Finally, after hitting Rustlin' Bob's for Very Very Hot Salsa, we were ready to go. It was a lovely, lovely weekend and every married couple should get away for a night like this. Happy New Year, everyone!

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