Saturday, February 27, 2010

At Home with Sean and Rhea

Sean and Rhea are expecting the arrival of their new baby very soon! In fact, Rhea's baby shower is today, and I'm late getting there! I couldn't stand it--I HAD to blog about her pictures.
She is so stinking gorgeous!

We started out at their house and little Cyprus was hilarious. She was so full of energy.
Then Rhea and I went downtown to get some more pictures of just her. We had a ball.

Lord, please let me be this smokin' hot if I'm ever pregnant again. Yow!!

Cyprus and Daddy were kissing Mommy's belly, and Cyprus just giggled and giggled. I don't know if Baby was jumping around or if it just tickled Rhea's belly, but Cyprus was highly entertained.


Woohoo! Hot stuff. I can't wait to meet this little guy when he arrives! Congratulations, Sean and Rhea.

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