Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barstow Cooper Wedding

My good friend Cheri and I photographed Suzanna Barstow and Daniel Cooper's wedding on Valentine's Day. It was held at the spectacular Villa Antonia in north Austin. Suzie made a beautiful bride, and even though the weather was SO COLD that the event was moved inside, she still glowed.

One of the great things about getting married on a holiday is, you have fun ideas for decorations. They had sweet little tins filled with Conversation Hearts. This is probably my favorite photo of the day.

Suzie and her gals were a lot of fun!

Because of the terrible weather, we didn't have much opportunity to take photos before the ceremony. So we sneaked the bride and groom out of the reception for a quick photo shoot. They were so relaxed and happy after the ceremony, so it all worked out great!

Congratulations, Daniel and Suzie! And I hope you readers had a Happy Valentine's Day, too!

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