Friday, February 19, 2010

Calzones and Interior Design

It's Friday, lovely Friday, and I'm at home. We have no food and in honor of Hannah's wishes, I made calzones. Doubled the recipe. We have 6--2 each. :)


2 1/2 c flour
2 tsp salt
lots of Italian seasoning
1 packet of yeast dissolved in 1 1/2 cup water (added a tsp of sugar to activate it)
1/2 cup oil (I use grapeseed)
mix together, knead, let sit an hour

ham diced
mushrooms chopped
1/2 a red onion
fresh spinach
2 roma tomatoes
container of skim ricotta
2 eggs
lots of Italian seasoning
fresh basil
crushed red pepper to taste

I pulled knots of dough out of the big lump and rolled out individual lumps to make 6 personal-size calzones. I brushed them w/ oil, cut slits and baked at 425 for 25 min. The bottom rack didn't look as done so it baked another 5 min.

Meanwhile, I sifted through my old Domino magazines to find the ideas I have for my new house which we'll move in to on March 30. Woohoo!! This very morning on my way from a friend's house, I stopped by an estate sale and purchased a cane back chair for $40. My first acquisition! So excited.

The yummy filling above.
Below, a chair I reeeeelly reeeelly want but it's from Target and I don't like their quality. Mebbe I can find some similar fabric??

My dream room. This is what I want my house to look like, minus the fake deer and obviously I won't have amazing soaring ceiling and windows that tall. Or a fireplace. Or hardwood floors.

This is a great idea: I want a bench to go right in the front of the house for us to stow shoes underneath and lay purses, jackets. homework, et al for easy grabbing in the morning.

I love this cut out design behind the bed. I want to do that somewhere in my house.

Here's my new chair!! It's in great condition. I will paint it, though.

In my room with my beautiful, beautiful Afghan rug. Thanks, Matt!!

Calzooooooones!! Clark Lee eat your heart out!!

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